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Form or function?

niels_front_mainTo many, the classic feather-wing Atlantic salmon fly is a relic of the past, a reminder of a distant, bygone era. But for Niels Have, one of the world’s most talented fly tiers, they still represent the very pinnacle in modern fly tying. And, as Matt Kidd discovered, he puts them to very good use, too.

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Killer fly – The Poledancer

poledancer2With a seductive wiggle that provokes heart-stoppingly explosive takes from big, bad predatory fish, this remarkable topwater fly is a triumph of hydro-dynamic engineering, says Matt Harris.

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How to tie a Red-Necked Jig

How to tie a Red-Necked JigThe Red-Necked Jig is one of the simplest yet deadliest nymphs in a river fisher's box. So simple, in fact, it only requires five materials and takes just a minute or two to tie with a little practice. 

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Killer fly – The Crease Fly

crease_fly_2As far as surface lures go, this one is about as versatile as they come, says Matt Harris. Taimen, peacock bass, giant trevally, mahseer, barracuda, pike, dorado and striped bass – you name it, they will eat it.

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