Shooting Pheasants

The modern sporting pheasant

Pheasant strainsUp and down the country, you will find die-hard advocates of every strain of pheasant from English blacknecks and French ringnecks to Michigan bluebacks. But is there such a thing as the perfect sporting pheasant? Marcus Janssen does some delving.

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The syndicate shoot

syndicate shootUp and down the country, syndicate shoots are run by teams of hard-working and committed men and women who are simply passionate about their sport. But, as Julien Pursglove discovered, the sweet fruits of success are always well worth all the effort.

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The signature drive

signature_mainWhat is it that turns a drive into the jewel in a shoot’s crown – a crescendo of adrenaline, endorphins and wide smiles? Joining a very lucky team of Guns last season, Will Pocklington found himself well placed to conduct a little research.

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Six of the best – part 1

sob_gfrontWhat is the most difficult shot in all of game shooting, and how do you master it? In the first instalment in this two-part series, we speak to six of the UK’s finest game Shots to find out.

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Is bigger, better?

cartridges_frontMarcus Janssen looks at modern trends in cartridge manufacturing for game shooting in the UK, and wonders whether bigger is always better.

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Gamebirds from the past

front_bygoneUp until the late 19th century, game books often featured species that are no longer on our quarry list. David S. D. Jones looks at some of these gamebirds of yesteryear.

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Pheasants in the Old Country

Driven shooting in the UKAmerican sportsmen have a special fondness for shooting in Ireland and Scotland. But for many, driven pheasants are unfamiliar territory and Chris Batha helps them make the most of their visits.

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The Fieldsports 1st XI

720 drive at Brigands - a firm favouriteJust how do they do it? All sports have their challenges and for most of us in game shooting it is well presented high pheasants that get the adrenaline pumping - we are talking about the most difficult but exciting of shots.

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Extreme pheasants

Extreme pheasantsJust how high is high? Every shoot seems to claim to have high birds these days. Mike Barnes went to Whitfield to find out what really high pheasants look like.

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