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Scottish Sporting Gazette

If you've visited the Highlands and Islands before, you'll know the allure of this intoxicating region all too well - it's a truly magical place. In our next issue, out May 1, we have dedicated some 80 pages to the culture and sport bursting from these hills.

Here are 10 reasons why you shouldn't miss it...

1. Falconry

Scottish Sporting Gazette

(Photograph: Leopold Amory)

A fieldsport with an unrivalled history, and the very pinnacle of wildlife's wit pitted against each other. Loyal characters and the art of perfection.

2. Island way of life

Scottish Sporting Gazette

(Photograph: Jo Woolf)

We tackle the waves and go ashore on Harris, Orkney and Iona to get an insight in the beauty and history of these remote places. The essence of their way of life, and the feeling of being far from the ruined world, fast gets under your skin.

3. History

Scottish Sporting Gazette

(Photograph: Historic Scotland)

With a little help from Historic Scotland, we determine the 10 must-see castles to visit in the Highlands and Islands this summer.

4. Shooting

Scottish Sporting Gazette

(Photograph: Tweed Media)

Forget driven pheasants and partridges, in this issue we go in search on the hardest game bird to be hunted with a gun in hand, where the scenery has to be seen to be believed.

5. Salmon fishing

Scottish Sporting Gazette

(Photograph: Roger Dowsett)

We're all well aware of The Big Four - Tweed, Tay, Dee and Spey. So we have asked several sporting agents to choose their Small Four - the more intricate rivers they deem to be just as worthy of recognition. Their answers make for fascinating reading.

6. Art

Scottish Sporting Gazette

(Photograph: Clare Brownlow)

In this issue, we talk to three artists with a unique style. There is not a paintbrush in sight.

7. Stalking

Scottish Sporting Gazette

(Photograph: John MacTavish)

A wee bothy, a boat and just 4,000 acres. Deep in Glen Cannich, a special stalking experience awaits.

8. Food and drink

Scottish Sporting Gazette

As 2015 is Scotland's year of food and drink, we delve into the hotchpotch of wonderful local produce. We visit the Mecca of Scotch whisky, and talk to chefs with a profundity for game, fish and seafood.

9. Trout fishing

Scottish Sporting Gazette

It doesn't get much wilder than a day's walking into the hills in search of remote Highland lochs and peppy brownies.

10. Stunning photography

Scottish Sporting Gazette

(Photograph: Graeme Boath)

We know that every magazine claims this, but we truly, hand-on-heart mean it. Here at SSG we pride ourselves on first class photography, and this issue makes this very apparent.

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