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Water work kit bag

dog drying coatsBen Randall of Beggarbush Gundogs nominates five must-have items when introducing your dog to water work. 

1. ROHM Training Pistol from Dog & Field – £70

gundog pistolBen says: “Light, compact and easily stowed in a pocket, this product is ideal if you are going to be training close to public areas where a shotgun may cause alarm. It also leaves one hand free for throwing dummies etc.”

Dog & Field


+44(0)1780 782020

2. Pemmikan Bar (400g) from Kronch – £6.95

kronch dog foodBen says: “A fantastic product which is increasing in popularity, Pemmikan bars offer large amounts of easily digestible energy from a small volume of food and are particularly useful as a snack for your dog on a shoot day.”



+44(0)1953 883701 

3. Dokken Mallard Dead Fowl Trainer from Sporting Saint – £30

gundog mallard dummyBen says: “Buoyant, easily dried, and of a realistic shape and size which can help a dog make the transition from plain canvas dummies to feathered game. The hard feet and hard, swinging head encourage a dog to hold birds correctly.”

Sporting Saint


+44 (0)1885 400343

4. Siccaro Supreme Pro drying robe from Sporting Saint – From £89

gundog robes(Available in sizes XS-3XL with four colour options)

Ben says: “Very useful after a long day in the rain or a water training session, these drying robes quickly wick away moisture and help a dog dry and warm up quickly after becoming wet. They are easily washed and very durable.”

Sporting Saint


+44 (0)1885 400343

5. Brown waxed Mystique dummy vest ‘Profi’ from Muntjac Trading – £100

drying vest(Available in sizes XS-XL) 

Ben says: “The choice of many trainers as they keep everything you need for a training session tight and close to you. Bags tend to swing towards a dog when you bend down to take something from them, and these vests prevent this from happening.”

Muntjac Trading


 +44(0)1527 870906 or +44(0)7860 827318


Copper-coated lead shot demystified

copper lead shotIs the recent surge in the popularity of copper-coated lead shot a result of clever marketing, or are these cartridges as good as some claim? Matt Kidd asks the opinion of various manufacturers and respected game Shots.

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Shooting the headmaster's hat

shooting the headmasters hatEnthused by stories and paintings of famous foreshore ‘gunners’, three keen young sportsmen headed to the Wash for their first experience of wildfowling. But, as Jack Francis recalls, it didn’t play out quite as expected.

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The heelwork masterclass

heelwork masterclassIn the second part of a new series, Ben Randall offers his advice on how to train your dog to walk to heel.

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Gundogs: the seven sins

seven gundog sinsIt’s rare to make it through the shooting season without encountering at least a few poorly behaved gundogs, but some bad habits and issues crop up more than others. Ben Randall considers the most common problems and how to prevent or resolve them.

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corse lawnCorse Lawn House’s newly appointed head chef, Chris Monk, shares a favourite roast partridge dish.

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Astonishing arapaima

arapaima on flyHeading deep into the wilderness of the South American rainforest, Matt Harris goes in pursuit of monstrous arapaima – one of the most astonishing things you will ever do with a fly rod in your hand.

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