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Five of the best Christmassy sloe gin cocktails...

g&tWhether neat, on ice or with prosecco (in fact the possibilities are endless), sloe gin is a delicious tipple to enjoy whilst in the field. But why not make the festive period even more exciting and give these simple but palate-pleasing Christmas cocktails a try that we have whipped up with our friends at Raisthorpe Manor

1. Sloe Gin Fizz

sloe gin fizzThe traditional Gin Fizz has a deserved reputation as one of the most popular thirst-quenching cocktails since its inception over a century ago. But add nutty tones of hazelnut syrup and a dose of sloe gin to the mix, and you have something truly special. Beware: you will need an ample supply of ingredients, for even non-gin lovers will be asking for more.

A step-by-step video can be found HERE.

2. Sloe Bramble

sloe bramble cocktailThis sloe gin variation of Dick Bradsell's Bramble Cocktail is for the real gin lover. It is strong, flavoursome, and offers the full gin experience. To add even more festive boozy notes, garnish with whisky-infused blackberries (fresh or frozen blackberries also work a treat). 

A step-by-step video can be found HERE.

3. Sloe Champagne

sloe gin and champagneThis drink offers all the delights of Champagne but with a creamy texture and fruitier taste. It also lends itself well to the cheaper brands of bubbly, so you don't need to be using your Taittingers or Laurent-Perriers. Who doesn't love having a glass or two of Champagne at Christmas and New Year? 

A step-by-step video can be found HERE.

4. Sloe Gin & Tonic

sloe gin drinksThis twist on an old classic is simply delightful and so easy to make. Served in the same way as a normal G&T but with the added subtle flavours of sloe gin. It makes for a tasty concoction. Plus the rose-colour pigment makes it even more appealing to the eye.

A step-by-step video can be found HERE.

5. Mulled Apple Juice & Sloe Gin

mulled_apple_juice_and_sloe_ginWhether you're at home with your slippers on by a crackling fire or stopping for elevenses in the field, the crisp flavours of the warmed apple juice with winter spices and sweet sloe gin make this the perfect Christmas drink. Enjoy responsibly as it is very moreish!

A step-by-step video can be found HERE.

Merry Christmas!



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