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Gundog Training

How much can a gundog really smell?

How much can a gundog really smell?After considering the basic principles of scent and how we can best make use of our dogs’ noses in the field, Ben Randall presents a new theory which he believes might just hold the answer to a burning question.

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Problems with pickers-up

pickers-upGeorge Padley acknowledges the vital role that pickers-up play on shoot days, but argues that they should be conscious of Guns who have a dog of their own.

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The rough shooter's dog

tweed media walked-upThe sight of dog and Gun working together to put game in the bag is a joy to behold, says Ben Randall as he offers his advice for the training and handling of a gundog for walked-up sport.

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The value of gundog training days

front_trainingIn esteemed canine company, Will Pocklington joins gundog expert Ben Randall to learn more about the value of gundog training days as a platform for polishing your dog’s performance in the field.

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The bare necessities

In establishing a good working relationship with your gundog, building solid foundations is all about
getting the basics right, says Fieldfare.

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Re-lining the brakes

black lab sittingIt is in a dog's nature to push the boundaries every now and then, says Fieldfare. So it's necessary to ensure that their steadiness is maintained.

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Not so Ordinary

dog with pheasantMaybe you think you don't need a field trial champion, but as Martin Deeley explains, you probably expect more of your dog than you think.

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Leave the gun at home

Labrador with pheasantYou may think you have fully trained your gundog. In fact you know that it is the best dog you have ever owned. Now comes the test - your first day's shooting together. Tony Brazier looks at how to avoid heartbreak.

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