Fieldsports Magazine June/July 2018

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June/July 2018The seasonality and diversity of our fieldsports is integral to their beauty. By their very nature, the array of activities which have us yearning to spend time outdoors take us to some magical places. If we're not crunching across frosty parkland on a game shoot in winter, or sat against a thick hawthorn hedge beside a decoy pattern in spring, we might be creeping through a bluebell wood in search of roebuck at dawn or wading methodically through frigid water in search of salmon or trout. The June/July issue of Fieldsports celebrates this diversity in all its glory...


Issue highlights

The Leica Fieldports Photographer of the Year – The highly anticipated results of the fieldsports industry’s definitive photography competition .

The call of the wild – With half a nod to the blue grouse, Lord James Percy reflects on how lucky we are, in an age so dominated by modern technology, to be able to immerse ourselves in the natural world through fieldsports.

Shuckburgh Hall – Owned by the same family for over 1,000 years, the Shuckburgh Hall shoot in Northamptonshire strikes a beguiling balance between treasuring the past and thinking about the future .

A trip to Orri’s Big Laxa – Recounting a special experience on one of the most famous salmon rivers in the world, Sam Carlisle pays homage to the late Orri Vigfússon.

The barrel man – Gun trade stalwart Peter Higgins reflects on a lifetime in the industry and looks forward to an exciting new project that has rekindled his passion.

Safari 101 – There’s much to consider when planning an African hunting safari, but it’s often the small, simple things that really make the experience what it is, says Peter Ryan .

Come on baby light my fire – Sarah Monier-Williams provides some gamey barbecue inspiration.

Bespoke shotguns: The White way – Matt Kidd visits T. R. White & Co., a family-run gunmaking company in Staffordshire with big plans for the future .

Water work – It’s up there with the most exciting aspects of gundog training, but water training should not be rushed into, says Ben Randall .

Muntjac in focus – Sam Thompson joins Rob Minty in Hertfordshire to learn more about the UK’s smallest deer species and its management. 

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