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  • Fieldsports June July Issue
  • Fieldsports June July Issue
  • Fieldsports June July Issue

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We want your nominations

fieldsports_outstanding_gunsCan you think of someone who deserves recognition for all of the right reasons? Someone who always sets a great example in the shooting field and gives more to our sport than they take? Well, we want to hear about them...

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The eyes have it

eyes_mainChris Batha takes a look at the symptoms of faulty visual perception in the shooting field, and considers the remedial options available.

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Safety in numbers

pigeons2It’s pigeon traffic, not flocks, that make a bag, reflects Rupert Godfrey.

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Planning your gundog training

training2Well-laid plans yield greater results, says Ben Randall, who explains the merits of a more considered approach to gundog training.

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Top 10 gundog training mistakes

gundogadvice_frontGundog expert Ben Randall highlights the training mistakes we should be careful to avoid.

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Latest features

Outstanding Guns 2016

outstanding_gunsfrontGiving recognition to those who truly deserve it, for all of the right reasons.

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Form or function?

niels_front_mainTo many, the classic feather-wing Atlantic salmon fly is a relic of the past, a reminder of a distant, bygone era. But for Niels Have, one of the world’s most talented fly tiers, they still represent the very pinnacle in modern fly tying. And, as Matt Kidd discovered, he puts them to very good use, too.

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