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Man's best friend

gundog_blogPhotograph: Jonathan McGee

Her tail wags incessantly as she pads steadily down the hall and into the living room, turns at the hearth and sinks slowly onto her side in front of the crackling fire, warming her bared underside. Her eyes milky with cataracts, face peppered with grey whiskers.

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10 things to do before you die...

blog_ukPut a group of avid country sportsmen in a pub, give them ale, comfortable seats and guaranteed respite from high command, and there's a good chance that, before the shout for last orders, they will slide into a dreamy discussion about their sporting bucket lists. “If money was no object...”

The majority of us start our fanciful journeys on home soil. Why wouldn't we? We are truly spoilt for choice in the British Isles. But then the mind inevitably ventures to less familiar destinations, quarry species and landscapes. Where would you go? What would you do? Who would you take?

Here are 10 ideas – five from the UK, five from further afield – to get you started...

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