• Fieldsports June/July issue
  • Fieldsports June/July issue
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  • Leica Fieldsports  Finalists
  • Leica Fieldsports  Finalists
  • Leica Fieldsports  Finalists

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Serving the apprenticeship

In the current issue of Fieldsports, we give recognition to a selection of Outstanding Guns; each having been nominated by at least two figures in the shooting community – from keepers and pickers-up to sporting agents and fellow Guns. These game Shots were nominated for much more than simple prowess with a gun. Ethics, exceptional manners, respect for fellow Guns, beaters, pickers-up and all others involved on a shoot day are of much greater importance. An Outstanding Gun wouldn’t dream of moving onto a second bird if they hadn’t killed the first, will mark their birds to the best of their ability, without fail, and have a deeply ingrained appreciation for, and impressive knowledge of, our countryside and country sports.

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